Roy Shakked Drops Groovy “Play On”

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Indie alt-pop artist Roy Shakked releases his new single/music video, “Play On,” the lead single from his forthcoming album, Throwback, slated for release on August 2 via Groove Gravy Records.

Talking about the song, Roy shares, “This release was created in my personal analog studio, sinking into some fuzzy ‘80s and ‘70s influenced grooves and harmonies, collaborating with a bunch of amazing musicians around the world in the process.”

The musicians on “Play On” include Roy Shakked (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion), Tim Lefebvre (bass), Amos Hadani (guitar), Oz Noy (guitar), Tamir Barzilay (drums), and Itamar Ben Yakir (trumpet).

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Roy has released many albums under different names, including Holmes, The Bright Wild, and The Tao of Groove. His music has been featured on beaucoup television shows, such as Sex and The City, Nip/Tuck, Beyblade, Teen Titans Go!, Independent Lens, CSI Miami, and Greenhouse Academy, along with ad campaigns, trailers, and films.

Roy began his career playing in bands while in high school, followed by composing for video games, record label A&R manager, and starting his own label, Groove Gravy Records, which operates out of L.A. and Tel Aviv.

“Play On” opens on a funk-lite rhythm topped by gleaming guitars pumping out delicious flavors of alt-pop. Velvety, evocative vocals, vaguely reminiscent of Paul Simon, imbue the lyrics with upbeat savors, while glowing harmonies add depth and dimension – “whoo, whoo.”

“Long story short / I got the cold shoulder / Barked up the wrong tree / Now it’s time to close that folder / Put it on ice / Someday you’ll repay her / No need to wait and see / Just play on player / Play on.”

Bright brass tones infuse the melody with tasty tinges of color, giving the tune smooth swells of sound and tasty blatting accents.

Upbeat and contagious, with “Play On,” Roy Shakked delivers luscious flavors of funk and pop blended into a song that hits the sweet spot.

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