Manchester Memorial Turns into Sing-along of Oasis Hit 'Don't Look Back in Anger' (VIDEO)


Manchester BombingMemorial Crowd Sings Along …‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’

5/25/2017 9:58 AM PDT

Manchester’s most famous rock band inspired a woman to break out in song at a memorial for the bombing victims … and everyone around her quickly joined her.

The crowd had gathered in Manchester’s St. Ann’s Square for a moment of silence when the woman, Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow, began singing Oasis‘ 1995 hit “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” 

Another person encouraged the crowd and the sing-along picked up steam. Definitely a gives-you-chills kinda moment.

Lydia told a reporter the lyrics are what the city’s all about — “We can’t be looking backwards to what happened, we have to look forwards to the future … We’re all gonna get on with it, because that’s what Manchester does.”

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