Jordan Massey Struts His Deluxe Voice on “Wonder”

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Pop singer-songwriter and actor Jordan Massey is the fall edition winner of the Howard Rosen Promotion talent search. The winning song is called “Wonder.”

Originally from Canada, Massey presently resides in the Bay Area and has toured across the Southern states of the U.S. Along with “Wonder,” Massey’s releases include two EPs, Human and Heartless (Standard Edition), as well as a series of successful singles: “La Tentacion,” “3am,” and “Dangerous.”

“Wonder” opens with luminous, sleazy tones, followed by Massey’s vibrant, evocative voice, musing on a damaged relationship with his lover.

Driven by a thumping rhythm topped by percolating layers of contagious leitmotifs, the feel and flow of the harmonics effervesce with delicious textures.

Massey sings words of regret, heartache, and unbridled bewilderment over the pulsating washes of pop coloration.

And it makes me wonder / Where you’re heart been / I can’t imagine how, how you lied and girl you made me feel like I was broken / taking all my pride, what we made was special / It was all I had / And all the time I gave to you memories we shared / Why in the hell did I fall for you / I was out of my mind / And I’m glad we’re through.”

Plush, glowing vocal harmonies add polished dimension to the tune, especially on the chorus, as the concord of the voices intertwines into smooth, radiant refrains.

“(You’re killing me) / You’re killing me girl, ooo / (You’re killing me) / You’re killing me girl / (But I can’t stop loving you).”

Jordan Massey has it going on! “Wonder” brims with irresistible harmonics, an enticing rhythm, and the affluent voice of Jordan Massey.

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