I Wore Skinny Jeans for a Decade But Now Only Wear This Denim Trend


Influencer Erin Busbee recently shared with us a few trends she’s been wearing on repeat this season. As she mentioned here, relaxed jeans have been taking priority over the skinny jeans she’s worn for over a decade. We thought there could be interest in learning more about why the loose denim trend is a front-runner for her. You know, in case you’re interested in adding a fresh pair of jeans into your offering.

Busbee actually mentioned a story that she’s been wearing skinny jeans as far back as 2007 (after seeing Kate Moss wearing them). And while she still loves the style (they truly are a classic), her style tendencies changed. “Sometime between the fashion landscape shift and quarantine, my mind and body decided I’ve had enough of tight, painted-on clothing,” she said. “Now, I want to wear looser-fitting and more relaxed clothing, including baggy jeans.” She thinks they look modern and cool and are certainly a lot more comfortable. In fact, she recently posted a video to her Youtube channel showcasing her switch to this new denim trend. Oh, and fun fact, one of her favorite denim brands right now is Moussy.

If you’re interested in testing out Busbee’s new favorite trend or want to take a break from skinny jeans here and there (don’t worry, they’ll never go “out”), keep scrolling for inspiration. Busbee sent over a range of chic outfit ideas featuring relaxed jeans, complete with styling tips.

On Busbee: Moussy jeans, A.L.C. top, Express blazer. “I’m 47 years old and more confident than ever. Why not take fun fashion risks like wearing this chic bra top?”

On Busbee: Moussy jeans, Valentino belt, Free People top. “This is one of the first baggy-jean outfits I tried which felt safe to me because the top is a basic.”

On Busbee: Frame jeans, Open Edit top, 4th & Reckless blazer, See by Chloé wedges. “You can start with a pair of straight-leg or even flared jeans like these before going full-on baggy. It’s one of the beautiful things happening in fashion right now on the jean scene: Anything goes.”

On Busbee: Moussy jeans, Ganni top, Express sandals. “I can’t believe the ’80s peg-roll is back. Even more shocking? I am loving it! The pinch and roll will help minimize volume at the bottom of your baggy jeans and highlight fabulous shoes.”

On Busbee: Moussy jeans, Rails top, Express sandals. “If you aren’t sure what to wear with your baggy jeans, try pairing them with a closet essential like a white button-down shirt. Classic pieces are a great complement to the trendy jeans.”

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