I Helped My 60-Year-Old Mom Clean Out Her Closet—We Purged These 5 Items


My mom, Nancy, recently messaged me that it was time for her to clean out her closet. While she has a range of timeless pieces that will remain staples, she knew there were a few—as she said—”meh items” that needed to go. While she has a strong sartorial eye, she wanted a gut check on whether or not the items she wasn’t wearing as much should be donated or saved.

Given that we’re not near each other right now, I had her text me the pieces she wasn’t feeling for her own personal style. I then responded with either “purge” or “put back.” While she didn’t necessarily need to replace the “no” items with another forward item, she was interested in hearing my thoughts on trends to consider down the road.

I thought you may be interested in said items, so I rounded up a few of the items my mom is getting rid of along with some visual inspo from cool fashion girls highlighting the trend counterparts that could be worth adding to her wardrobe when she’s ready. I also included her feedback on each trend. As she noted, she’s into the pieces in question because they could work for anyone at any age (including herself at 60 years old). Keep scrolling for a bit of closet-cleanout inspiration.

“I used to live in lightweight cardigans with coordinating or matching scarves. I think the look is okay, but I’m into the suggestion of trying the cardigan-and-tank sets. I used to wear sweater sets all the time, and I am happy to see this trend is back.”

“I know it’s time for me to part with the faded and worn skinny jeans I’ve kept in my closet for years. I like the high-waisted cuts, so I definitely want to continue adding nice straight fits to my wardrobe.”

“I’ve always loved loafers, but I am just not feeling these open-back platform-type styles. The heeled loafers that seem to be popping up? I’m all about them to look chic and fancy.”

“It’s goodbye to those sort of shapeless and drab maxi dresses for me. I’m actually looking forward to experimenting with some of those more statement-making styles with puff sleeves and the like—much more current feeling.”

“I’m all for a low-heeled shoe for comfort, but I see that these booties with the lower upper could feel a tad dated. I’m, of course, into black ankle boots with a more classic shape and wouldn’t mind another pair.” 

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