DISCOVER: Evan de Roeper delves into deep emotion in his indie-dance-pop EP “Lavender”

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Filled with emotion from beginning to end, Evan de Roeper really unlocks his heart and gives us chills with every single track of his 2022 EP, titled “Lavender”. This is his 2022 debut release, following on from last year’s single “Call My Name” as well as the acoustic version he also dropped – the song of which is the lead single from the EP.

Evan de Roeper is an acclaimed songwriter and producer, first starting off with piano lessons at the age of six and working his way up to taking piano exams. His music is his main focus but he has also taken on videographer work as his music videos for most of his releases showcases. He dropped his debut single in 2020, titled “Rain”, and has been growing his fanbase ever since. His 2020 single “Nature’s Hold” has over 40,000 Spotify streams, making it his most-streamed song, with his latest single, “Call My Name”, following just behind. This debut EP, “Lavender”, is an exciting collection of tracks that include his latest single. As a teaser for his upcoming debut album, he is set to drop two new singles by early 2023.

Written by Evan de Roeper, himself, whilst Kireimusic mixed and mastered the recent single, the debut EP from this incredible artist is sure to give you chills as his romanticism and affection for love transcends beautifully. His popular single, “Call My Name” introduces the rest of the EP, showcasing his affectionate voice which links in well with his meaningful lyrics; it’s full of soul giving a crooner-esque vibe which later turns into a surprising rap, totally hitting the mark. The title track, “Lavender”, brings upbeat ’70s style mixed with story-teller lyrics.

Following on is the third track, “By My Side”, adding more disco vibes into the mix surrounding a passionate ballad. “Midnight Drive” continues the theme of the EP with an impactful piano chord running throughout, as he takes us to those late-night piano bars as his voice hits emotionally. The last track on the EP is the acoustic version of “Call My Name” that sees Evan de Roeper strip the song right down to just his voice and a piano, effortlessly hitting us right in the heart – the rap isn’t included in this version instead opting for a luscious piano instrumental. The entire EP is a love-story journey that is relatable to many listeners and Evan de Roeper’s ability to express feeling through his vocals is unforgettable and a true gift.

Talking about the EP, Evan de Roeper said: “My 4-track EP, ‘Lavender’, documents the cycle of a relationship, told through the stages of a day. ‘Call My Name’ is the ‘morning’ song, where you are waking up happy and generally optimistic about a future relationship. You are eager to find new love from someone who will call your name. Musically, it carries the euphoria of a Calvin Harris-Esque dance track.”

Stream “Lavender” by Evan de Roeper on Spotify here:

“Lavender”, the EP by Evan de Roeper is available to download and stream on all the main platforms right now. Look out for his upcoming single releases and next year’s debut album.

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