3 Makeup Artist–Approved Ways to Use Concealer for Contouring


Concealers are a versatile product, as not only can you use them to hide dark circles, blemishes, redness, and more, but you can also use a concealer for contouring. And that’s pretty cool if you like the contoured look but also want to keep things minimal with your makeup products. You won’t need to buy another product strictly for contouring.

Celebrity makeup artist Carolina Dalí says that using a concealer as a contour is a play of light and shadow to brighten and shape the features. “You can use a concealer several shades darker than your skin tone to create dimension and contour the face,” celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney adds. “By placing it under the jawline, cheekbones, temple, and side of the nose will create a more defined structure to the face.” And the best part? Dali says that using a concealer to contour means the coverage stays put and lasts longer.

1. Use a cream concealer: Both Dalí and Henney suggest using cream concealers for contouring since they’re buildable, easy to blend, and give you the most seamless, true-to-skin finish.

2. Blend with a brush: Henney recommends blending the concealer out with a makeup brush.

3. Work with different concealer shades: Dalí suggests choosing three different concealer shades. “One that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to brighten,” she explains. “One that’s the exact shade of your skin to conceal imperfections. One that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone to add warmth/shadow and shape your features. Use a brush to shape, for target application, and to blend.

Want to put some concealers to the contouring test? Try these below.

“It’s creamy, covers beautifully yet it doesn’t look or feel heavy, blends seamlessly and the color match is perfection,” Dalí says.

“These are great because the coverage is phenomenal and the concealer will stay in place for hours,” Henney says.

Dalí says this is a favorite for those who want full coverage: “[It’s] creamy, gives full coverage, great staying power, and has a nice range of colors.”

“This concealer has full coverage is waterproof and perfect for contouring the face in the summer months. It has a radiant finish so it creates the most beautiful flawless skin base,” Henney says.

“I use this under the eyes to brighten and [it] can also be used around the nose, chin, and forehead for brightening. Opt for a shade or two lighter than skin tone to create more dimension to the face,” Henney says.

“This creamy concealer looks like second skin, [has] buildable coverage, and has a great color range,” Dalí says.

You get 16 hours of wear with this full-coverage concealer. In addition to contouring, you can use it to conceal, correct, and highlight.

Use this brightening concealer to highlight. It leaves a natural, luminous finish.

This creamy contouring concealer provides 24 hours of coverage and a matte finish. It’s waterproof, too.

Even though this concealer has 24-hour coverage that’s transfer-proof, that doesn’t mean it’s heavy or uncomfortable to wear. It’s actually a breathable formula.

Too Faced’s concealer has so many uses: it conceals, contours, highlights, and retouches. The liquid, full-coverage formula contains nourishing ingredients like coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid.

With medium to full coverage, this concealer blends in naturally. The creamy formula can contour, brighten, and hydrate the under-eye area and doesn’t create any creases.

Merit’s blush truly blends like no other. I find it’s so good at buffing product in and leaving a nice smooth and natural finish.

For a highlighter option, try this highly rated one from Fenty Beauty. It’s a cream-to-powder formula that is so easy to blend.

You got to set your makeup so it doesn’t budge. This is my favorite setting spray because it keeps my makeup flawless for up to 16 hours.

The unique shape of this brush makes it easy to apply and blend with precision. The tapered bristles help to create a diffused and seamless look.

Here’s another highlighter option. The gel-based formula is made of 75%, so it leaves a dewy finish. Ingredients include plant-derived glycerin, vitamin C, and rose-hip seed oil.

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