29 Exciting Summer Finds That Are 100% Main-Character Vibes


You may have noticed a new term roaming the internet streets. The phrase “main-character energy” has lit up TikTok and other social media apps and means quite literally what it sounds like: If life were a movie, that person would have the starring role or be the main character. In internet speak, it’s a compliment of the highest regard. It’s used when someone or something is so impactful it demands to be the center of attention. And in the context of fashion, it’s the ultimate praise. The below fashion finds are just that.  It’s really no surprise that some of this season’s big trends embody main-character energy to its fullest. Bold prints, risqué and sheer cuts, and Y2K style are nothing short of daring and controversial. So naturally, as a trend enthusiast, almost everything on my current shopping wish list could only be described as worthy of being the protagonist. If you’re ready to be the star of the show, keep scrolling below to shop 29 exhilarating fashion finds.

I just discovered this on Net-a-Porter’s new-arrivals page, and I already know it’s going to be a hit.

This pattern is so striking.

Mango has been bringing the heat lately. Exhibit A? This sequin minidress.

I’m getting 2004 vibes from this top, and I’m not mad.

The ultimate party heels.

I’ve only included the skirt here, but if you’re really about that main-character feeling, you’d get the top too.

My closet is full of cargo pants at the moment.

I have this chain, and it levels up all of my tops.

Simply obsessed.

The defined bustier detail qualifies this as an amped-up slip dress.

Paloma Wool always brings main-character vibes.

I want this entire outfit—please and thank you.

Margiela on sale? The only answer is yes.

Supriya Lele is a name to watch.

Who said black tops are boring?!

I know this dress will haunt my dreams until I make it mine.

Diesel has made a huge comeback within the past year, and now, it’s a major fashion-person hit.

Style this with bright tie-up heels and big hoop earrings.

The color really does it for me.

Louisa Ballou is a brand in every main character’s closet.

As far as I’m concerned, summer is the season of the mini bag.

Mie is an emerging Black-owned brand to put on your radar.

As seen above, Sami Miro Vintage truly turns heads.

You can still be the center of attention with subtle details like the fluffy hem on this Simon Miller dress.

Life is too short to always carry a boring bag.

Wear these and the creative styling is practically done for you.

There is a coordinating top, but this skirt sings all on its own. Style it with a sleek white tank.

See-through clothing is the moment.

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