15 Pretty Designer Heels and the Affordable Alternates You’ll Wear Just as Much


I’m someone who looks at and thinks about designer shoes a lot. There are approximately five to 10 pairs (at least) on my wish list at any given time. While I do splurge sometimes, I obviously can’t have every pair that my heart desires, by any means. But luckily, I take solace in the fact that there are tons of affordable alternatives to my dream designer shoes out there.

I’m focusing specifically on pretty heels at the moment. It’s safe to say that the predictions of heels being “over” (when we all stopped wearing them during 2020 and much of 2021) were false. I think that people missed them, and there’s really no replacement for a beautiful pair of heels.

Many designer brands have really been prioritizing pretty heels lately (which is often the case in the summer), but they’re not cheap, with most pairs averaging between $500 and $1000. If you choose to go the (much) more affordable route, I’ve paired them with similar heels that you’ll truly wear just as much. Scroll for all the shopping.

One word: butterflies.

Either of these pairs will make your after-dark looks 100 times more interesting.

If you’re into pretty shoes, you’re probably into lavender shoes.

Statement-making fuchsia shoes only get better with crystals (and feathers).

Like jewelry for your feet.

A chunky chain brings a bold version of pretty to any shoe it adorns.

I think about these Prada sandals a lot, but the Mango pair is also a feast for the eyes.

As long as PVC shoes continue to be a trend, brands will continue to design pretty pairs.

The beauty of these nude mesh sandals is that they go with literally everything.

Mach & Mach makes some of the prettiest shoes on the planet, but it’s possible that the Schutz pair below will get just as many compliments.

Proof that putting some pearls on anything makes it instantly prettier.

These Gucci heels are the goal, but the Sam Edelman pair is also dreamy.

The only thing better than PVC sandals is sparkly PVC sandals.

Braided natural materials give a low-key feel to summer outfits.

Both of these pairs of gold heels could be worn for fancy or casual occasions.

Next up, 33 pretty flat sandals you can wear day or night.

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